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About Me

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I'm an artist and animated filmaker who came to New York City to study at the School of Visual Arts. I graduated in 2010 with a BFA and a focus on traditional animation. Although I love animation, I also work in many different styles and am skilled with various mediums.

I developed a love of art, design and films since a young age. I'm inspired by travel, by adventure and by classic tales of everything in between. My favorite stories though, are those that are unafraid to create interesting twists on familiar themes. Simple and subtle changes can help pull a viewer into a world of your own design. I enjoy playing with the details and as such, try to create stories that are simple, new and uncomplicated.


"Like, Share, Die", "TripTank", "Welcome to Showside", "Motorcity", "Superjail!", "China, IL"
"Google Science Fair Interview - Kevin Warwick", "Google Ad Innovations - Remarketing", "Google - Production API", "Xemoland,", "Purdue History", "Jasper and Smiley", "Orbis Park", "Cory and Norm", "SHoP Architects", "KickTV"

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